About Us

D. Lasser was born in 1913 in Budapest. S/he discovered an affinity for clay at a tender age when during an uncensored circus act s/he was coerced into eating an entire plateau. In 1916 this child prodigy emigrated to the U.S. on a combined Fulbright-Guggenheim Fellowship to research material for the yet unpublished “Lassernomics: Sublime Effects of Casseroles on The Psychic Digestion.” After one evening spent in a bar in Upper Suburbia, D. Lasser escaped to more rigorous climes, narrowly eluding the advances of an entire population of elderly lemmings who clamored for an exclusive.S/he has homesteaded in the harsh North ever since, surrounded by wolves, pine trees, and two cats, one of whom is a psychiatrist’s nightmare. D. Lasser is presently at work reinventing the wheel.

See Us At Work

Come visit our studio and showroom located in a historic barn in Londonderry, Vermont. Our studio connects with our showroom space. We encourage you to come see us working and see how Lasser Ceramics pieces are made. Meet our artists who will be happy to explain every step in the process of turning raw clay into brightly colored pottery. Come have fun with us as we mold, press, jigger, throw, glaze, fire and just generally have a good time!

We are open everyday, 7 days a week, 9:30am to 6pm.